FREE Web Presence Evaluation

Free Web Presence Evaluation

A Website is not just there to look good

So you’ve got a website and you might think that’s one job to tick off your list.

In a lot of cases, the site is well designed and becomes a source of new contacts, fans and leads. Its content is shared easily on carefully selected social networks and you’ve learnt what kind of material gains the most engagement. Customers find themselves at your home page easily because your site comes up in the list when they use a search engine and the experience they have leaves them thinking highly of your products, your service and your company. The return on your investment is substantial and everything is rosy.

Useful information with no obligations

However, this is not always the case. Often websites fail to take full advantage of the opportunities that can present themselves and in extreme situations the site hurts the business rather than helps. With this in mind, I will evaluate the web presence of businesses and make you aware of what you can do to realise the benefits of having a website.

The evaluation covers key aspects including:

  • Visual Design

What impression does a visitor gain when they visit your website.  Important things to consider include — your logo, the fonts used, how much space there is between sections, the overall look and feel, layout and colours.

  • Navigation

How easy is it for users to get around your website?  Will they find what they want quickly?

  • Content

The actual content of your website’s pages are key to ensuring the site works for you.  Knowing what success looks like will help to make sure your content helps you achieve it.  Your website could be aimed at selling products, downloading documents, making contact or sharing on social networks.  Understanding what you want visitors to do is the starting point in creating relevant content.

  • Engagement

How clear is it to your visitors what they can get from you and your website?  In the few seconds after they land on one of your pages, will they know how to contact you?  What do you offer visitors that encourages them to return?

  • Findability

(Is that even a real word?) I’m sure you know how important it is that your website’s pages are found when people use search engines.  Is your site constructed in such a way that ensures search engines ‘understand’ what your pages are about so that they can be served up when people search for your products and services?

  • Use of images

For a number of reasons, the images used on your website are important.  They can help to improve rankings in searches, they can help visitors understand the text content at a glance and break up long passages making them more attractive and pleasing to the eye.  You can go overboard though.  Used incorrectly, images can slow down a page significantly and become an annoyance to visitors.

  • Mobile Readiness

We are moving towards a time when most internet users will be using hand held devices.  How well does your website cater for visitors on desktop computers, tablets as well as mobile phones?

I look at all these aspects and more during an evaluation.  I provide you with feedback and suggestions on how to improve.  There are no strings attached.  For small businesses and start-ups, you get impartial advice in plain English.  You can request a free Web Presence Evaluation using the form below.

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