Free workshop: Innovative Ways to Grow your Business

Free workshop: Innovative Ways to Grow your Business
November 2, 2014 No Comments News, Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

Eureka Moment!

Had a Eureka! moment?

The social media revolution has changed the business landscape forever. Businesses can achieve global reach and recognition thanks to the power of social media. This event will commence with Phil Oakley who will highlight how SMEs can take advantage of social media to stimulate innovation, collaborate and win new business.

Where and When

Friday, 7 November 2014

08:30 to 11:30 (GMT)


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Business and Enterprise
01743 252596

The Eureka! Moment project

Open to SMEs (businesses employing less than 250 full time employees with a turnover of less than £45M) that supply goods and services predominately to other businesses.


About The Author
Sid Edwards Sid is Proprietor of with an interest in helping small and medium-sized enterprises compete with large companies. He has many years experience using coding skills with standard frameworks to create unique award winning websites.

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