Getting Good2Great

Getting Good2Great
May 13, 2014 No Comments News Sid Edwards

IMG01036-20140513-0728I visited the Hadley Park House Hotel this morning for a Business Growth Seminar run by GOOD2GREAT.  Along with over 30 other attendees, we received very useful presentation delivered by Johnny Themans.

Focussed on helping businesses to realise their dreams I picked up a number of tips and insights.  Like most of the audience we found ourselves nodding in agreement repeatedly. Recognising much of what was described applied directly to us as business owners.

Always of great value at these types of events is the networking.  This was no exception and the fact that it is a small world came across again when I found myself speaking to to someone who whose path I had crossed in a ‘previous life’.

I’m now looking forward to further talks with Eddie Allen and Samantha Shaw from Pera Consulting.

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Sid Edwards Sid is Proprietor of with an interest in helping small and medium-sized enterprises compete with large companies. He has many years experience using coding skills with standard frameworks to create unique award winning websites.

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