Mumpreneur UK website award for MyFamilySolicitor

Mumpreneur UK website award for MyFamilySolicitor
March 4, 2014 No Comments News Sid Edwards

Mumpreneur UK website awards are now synonymous with excellent online presence and practice. Each nominated website is judged by a panel of independent industry professional who base their decisions on a variety of aspects including design, ease of use, navigation and much more.

I wrote a blog about the MyFamilySolicitor website in January 2014 and while I was pleased with the result and wished every success to Lisa, the site owner, I figure that was it. We’d stay in touch, like you do, perhaps make a few changes as time went on, etc. So it was with some surprise that I learned someone had nominated the site for an award and that it won!

As developer of the MyFamilySolicitor website, I am proud to have the work with Lisa Pickering recognised as being among the best.

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