And a Happy New Year to you too Lajina. I’m well, very busy too and also pennyless! I’m poised to get to the next stage with my ‘zip’. I’m waiting for the bursary to come through from the course I’m doing at Birmingham City University. The systems there are so sloooow! I’ve just about finished my work with Lisa on and it looks pretty good (though I say so myself lol). It sounds interesting. I’d love to work with you on the branding of Masala Magic. I’m sure you’ve got ideas on what you want and I’d be happy to give some thought to it. Perhaps we should meet to discuss. Have you still got a desk at the Hub? Sid P.S. What’s the lateston your website? I think I notice some change but it still could/should be better. On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 8:38 AM, lajina <> wrote: > > Hi Sid, > > Happy new year! > > How us your zip idea coming along? > > Hope you are well. I am a proper, busy fool with no money! > > Just wandered how are your creative skills. I need all my business cards, > stickers for pots and leaflets re doing but the logo also needs work on it. > > Can you help? > > Kind regards, Lajina > > > Sent from Samsung Mobile >

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