Does your website work for you

What does your website say about your business?

Does your website work for you

Your website is there to work for you

As you might imagine, in the course of my work as Web Designer, I get to see a LOT of websites.  I see really good websites as well as very poor websites.  Sometimes its better to have no website than a bad website.  This post will highlight why its important to make your website work for you.

What ‘work’ means

It is very easy to see which websites work and which ones don’t.  And what I mean when I say ‘work’ is not merely that links take you to the desired destination and pages display as intended.  When I say work I mean the site succeeds in presenting the person or business in a positive light and gives a good impression.  If you are lucky enough to get visitors landing on your home page, your website works when it encourages users to become customers or fans or both!

Posh High Street or Dodgy Back Street

I have to wonder sometimes ‘what are they thinking of?’  It is quite appropriate to use real life analogies here.  Your website is your opportunity to portray your business as a posh High Street store or a dodgy street vendor.  A chance to inspire confidence or suggest ‘pitch by day, fly by night’.  It doesn’t take long for a visitor to gain an impression whether this person or company knows there business inside out or that they could be cowboys.

What is your website saying to people who visit looking to buy products or services?  What impression are they likely to go away with?  Hopefully you are at the top of the following list.

  • A grade

Professional, knowledgeable, expert, reliable, distinctive.

Visitor response: Let’s contact them.

  • B grade

Could be good. Doesn’t look too bad. Not easy to find what I want.

Visitor response: Might be worth contacting.

  • C grade

Unappealing, lacking finesse, bits missing/not working, hard to use.

Visitor response: If we can’t get what we want elsewhere, we’ll come back.

  • D grade

No website at all!  Unknown quantity.

Visitor response: Completely overlooked.

  • E grade

Social network only? Indistinct.

Visitor response: Are they genuine? What about refunds?  What if we’re not satisfied?

Urgent Action to make the Grade

If your website is not in the Grade A category, you should seriously consider contacting me to talk about what you can do to get it working better.  I can carry out a free Web Presence Evaluation and help you identify what you need to do to make it work for you.   [actnow][/actnow].

If you are at Grade D or E, you are almost certainly missing out on opportunities to gain customers, fans and do more business.  Your website is probably hurting you and your business.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you tend to make excuses for your website.

“Its just there because you have to have a website.  Don’t you?”

“I made it myself to save money. Its nothing fancy.”

“My cousin’s friend’s son made it for me years ago.  He’s discovered girls now and I can’t get him to look at any more.”

If any of these ring a bell with you, your website is likely to be costing you money or loosing business or both.  You need to get your act together and tap into the ever growing number of potential customers who search online before they buy a product or service.  The good news is, you’re in the right place to start getting things sorted.  Don’t let the cost of professional web design be a barrier.  I can implement a solution  that gets the desired results within the budget you can afford.  [actnow][/actnow].

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