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Get involved in the Gower Old School House (GOSH)

[content_block class=”leadpara”]Getting involved with GOSH can be personally rewarding and helps you ‘give something back’ to your community.[/content_block]

Getting involved means giving your time to help, simply because you want to and without expecting payment. However, whatever you can offer will make an important contribution to the project. You could be a caterer, fundraiser, committee member, gardener, volunteer driver or web designer.


You can also make a valuable contribution by donating money towards the project.  Various cost are inevitably incurred in running our restoration project so financial support is always welcome.
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Help Needed

As the project progresses, there will be specific opportunities to lend help.  We will list some of here so be sure to visit regularly.



Let’s be Friends

Becoming a Friend of the Gower Old School House means you support what we aim to do.  We’ll make sure to keep you informed as thing progress and invite you to participate in social, fundraising and publicity events.

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Help I Can Offer

We are always interested to hear from people wishing to offer to help in whichever way they can.  If you have some skill or expertise in a particular area and feel it would benefit our project, we encourage you to let us know.

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During the life of the project we aim to:

  • involve our local community
  • raise funds to cover the costs of running the project

We are therefore interested to hear of better ways to achieve these aims.  If you have a practical idea that you’d like to share with us, please give us some details using the form below.  Others will have an opportunity to give it the ‘thumbs up’!

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