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DeveloperWeek 2020
April 1, 2020 Event TUZONGO

DeveloperWeek 2020 is the world’s largest vendor-neutral developer expo and conference with over 50 week-long events including the DeveloperWeek 2020 Conference & Expo

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March 26, 2020 News Sid Edwards

A Productivity Boost Working from home will likely be a necessity over the next few months at least, so while we still have broadband and high spec. devices, we can remain productive. If need be, you can liaise with clients, colleagues or managers with any one of the many messenger apps like Whatsapp and Telegram.  Free

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Mock up College Materials
March 22, 2020 Projects Sid Edwards

Mockups are a perfect opportunity to see how design decisions play together. What if the color scheme does not work with your shapes? Mockup is the way you can have a look at the final product even before the development starts. It is easier to make changes at the mockup stage rather than later. Your

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September 28, 2019 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

Building a brand doesn’t happen over night it takes time. It is important that wherever you have a presence, your imagery, strap lines, colour schemes and even fonts are consistent. We’re talking about defining your own style guide. A tool to enable graphics designers and content producers to build a strong and consistent brand across

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Your Facebook Page Cover Video Grabs Attention
July 13, 2019 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

Have you thought about using video in place of your Facebook cover photo? When people visit your page, your cover photo is one of the first things they’ll see. For new visitors, it can help represent your brand and portray your story in just a few seconds. It makes sense that a short video can

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