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Easy Testimonials for WordPress by TUZONGO

Happy customers are your best marketing tool

Effortlessly capture and display customer testimonials on your website.

Happy Customers

. . . a powerful tool for establishing trust and encouraging visitors to take action.

What we needed

I was working on the Dyslexia Information Day project with Elizabeth Wilkinson and she wanted to display testimonials from people who had attended these events. We thought it would be a good idea if they could submit testimonials through a form on the site.

Try the demo

I’ve since added the solution to this website.  I thought that I might as well create a plugin so that it could easily be added to other websites.  Try out this demo.

Get it for your site

Displaying customer testimonials is a great encouragement to visitors to choose your products or services.  I’d be happy to add something similar to this demo on your site.  Send an email or call me on +44 (0) 1952 615787.

Get Easy Testimonials for WordPress by TUZONGO

 About the solution

The Demo on this page is based on the solution I implemented on her sites and here’s a summary of what was achieved:

  • Submitted testimonials are managed from the Admin area
  • Testimonials can be published straight away (like this demo) or approved before being displayed
  • Testimonials can display a photo or logo
  • Testimonials can display a link to the website of the person submitting
  • Testimonials gracefully fade out and in to the next
  • The number of testimonials in rotation is controlled
  • The length of time each testimonial is displayed is controlled
  • The form appears below displayed testimonials when required
  • An email notification can be sent when a testimonial is submitted
  • Testimonials and the submission form are responsive to the space available and device used

Testimonials Demo

  • Juan Natividad

    Really impressed!

    We got a website that works for us! Presenting a professional image. Answering customer questions. Reaching every computer, 24 hours a day. Thanks!Juan N'charge, Example BusinessWebsite
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