Category: Portfolio

Category: Portfolio

New Website for annual Dyslexia Awards
October 9, 2016 Portfolio Sid Edwards

This bespoke site raises awareness by celebrating the positive aspects of dyslexia in Telford and Shropshire! With categories from Amazing Art and Shining Star to Entrepreneur and Best Head Teacher, these annual awards focus on strengths, positives and achievements! Local and national businesses sponsor the event and gain valuable exposure and positive publicity. [viewsite_new url=””]

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Dyslexia service website rebuilt from scratch
April 15, 2015 Portfolio Sid Edwards

The DDC set up in January 2007 with the aim of raising the profile, understanding and general awareness of Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs), not only in education but in the world of business too! The new look uses a text-to-speech facility, BrowseAloud, designed by Texthelp Ltd, the revolutionary Dyslexie font designed by

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Yendis new website is LIVE
November 7, 2014 Portfolio Sid Edwards

Revamped and Updated The new website for one of the top Reggae radio presenters online is now live with a new look, a responsive design that looks great on all devices and features specially designed to publish music videos and audio. In the highly competitive music arena, its hard to remain a cut above the rest.

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Doniki Music
August 5, 2014 Portfolio Sid Edwards

Presenting Positive Works If there was an award for Jamaicas most underrated artist, Doniki would definitely win it every year anew. But that’s about to change! After years and years of delivering high quality music without being given proper credits in many cases, attention is finally turning to the man behind the positive work. The

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