Sid Edwards

Sid is Proprietor of with an interest in helping small and medium-sized enterprises compete with large companies. He has many years experience using coding skills with standard frameworks to create unique award winning websites.

Access a grant to boost your charity’s online presence

Online presence management is the process of presenting and drawing traffic to a personal or professional brand online. Presence Online Is Key To Your Success With help from TUZONGO Web Design, you can get grant funds to make sure the work you do gets a boost through the power of the internet. Online presence refers …

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A Productivity Boost Working from home will likely be a necessity over the next few months at least, so while we still have broadband and high spec. devices, we can remain productive. If need be, you can liaise with clients, colleagues or managers with any one of the many messenger apps like Whatsapp and Telegram.  Free …

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Growing your own engaged community

However you define your community, it’s essential that real people are playing an active part and moving things forward. Meeting people face-to-face remains a core activity in maintaining a sustainable community.  Shaking someone’s hand and giving them a card or leaflet yields results in terms of getting them to come along to your next event …

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Your connection is not secure – Don’t panic!

As with all good things, the internet has a down side. Along with the convenience of access to information, shopping from your armchair, entertainment on demand, etc., there are horror stories going around about identity theft, data breaches, hacking and the rest. Internet users are, understandably, wary. Google, the world’s preferred search engine, has brought …

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