Author: Sid Edwards

Author: Sid Edwards

Your Facebook Page Cover Video Grabs Attention
July 13, 2019 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

Have you thought about using video in place of your Facebook cover photo? When people visit your page, your cover photo is one of the first things they’ll see. For new visitors, it can help represent your brand and portray your story in just a few seconds. It makes sense that a short video can

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Web Design Promotional Video
June 9, 2019 Projects Sid Edwards

The task was to provide information on what goes into creating a website. Describing the process from start to finish. Every website is unique and this animated video sets out the stages we go through to ensure the specific needs of our clients are met.

Curriculum Vitae
May 6, 2019 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

Web developer working as a freelancer. Expertise is front end development with strong graphic design background and experienced in back end development. I keenly pursue SEO best practices.

Mastering Electronic Mail Communication
April 28, 2019 Learning Sid Edwards

Despite all the other methods of communication email is still popular and has become as necessary as a phone number or physical address.  Similar to telephoning someone, email has become a standard mode of communication with the expectation being that everyone should have an email address.

Merry Christmas from TUZONGO Web Design
December 24, 2018 Uncategorized Sid Edwards

Wishing peace and goodwill this Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.

Growing your own engaged community
March 7, 2018 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

However you define your community, it’s essential that real people are playing an active part and moving things forward. Meeting people face-to-face remains a core activity in maintaining a sustainable community.  Shaking someone’s hand and giving them a card or leaflet yields results in terms of getting them to come along to your next event

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What happens with your Digital Legacy?
January 11, 2018 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

  Tomorrow is promised to no one Who knows what will happen tomorrow and what if it were the worst? If you’re reading this you’ll probably have at least one e-mail account and probably a social media account or few.  The need to plan for when you are no longer around becomes more and more of

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Your connection is not secure – Don’t panic!
December 16, 2017 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

As with all good things, the internet has a down side. Along with the convenience of access to information, shopping from your armchair, entertainment on demand, etc., there are horror stories going around about identity theft, data breaches, hacking and the rest. Internet users are, understandably, wary. Google, the world’s preferred search engine, has brought

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TREND ACADEMY : Colour Workshop 17 / 18 July 2017 at Parkside Building, BCU
July 6, 2017 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

Free workshop to be held on 17 and 18 July at the Parkside Building, Birmingham City University.  This is the first workshop for the newly established Trend Academy: the theme is colour. Understanding and using colour effectively a vital element of many market sectors. Whether it is developing your brand online, attracting customers to your

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No Brainer: Google Your Business with Google My Business
May 24, 2017 Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

If there’s one thing you must do as a local business when your shiny new website goes live, it’s to Google your business with Google My Business. On it’s own, this free tool won’t make your website suddenly top the search engine results but for local searches, your site could be one of three that

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