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evaluation-3So you’ve got a website and you might think that’s one job to tick off your list.

In a lot of cases, the site is well designed and becomes a source of new contacts, fans and leads. Its content is shared easily on carefully selected social networks and you’ve learnt what kind of material gains the most engagement. Customers find themselves at your home page easily because your site comes up in the list when they use a search engine and the experience they have leaves them thinking highly of your products, service and company. The return on your investment is substantial and everything is rosy.

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However, this is not always the case. Often websites fail to take full advantage of the opportunities that can present themselves and in extreme situations the site hurts the business rather than helps. With this in mind, I evaluate the web presence of businesses and make them aware of what they can do to realise the benefits of having a website.

The evaluation covers key aspects including how it looks, how well it works, its ability to engage and attract the experience for visitors using different browsers and devices.  You can request a free Web Presence Evaluation using the form below.

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