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March 26, 2020 News Sid Edwards

A Productivity Boost Working from home will likely be a necessity over the next few months at least, so while we still have broadband and high spec. devices, we can remain productive. If need be, you can liaise with clients, colleagues or managers with any one of the many messenger apps like Whatsapp and Telegram.  Free

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Dyslexia service website rebuilt from scratch
April 13, 2015 News Sid Edwards

The project to develop the Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant website has been successfully completed.  The new site aims to help up to 20% of the population who display some symptoms of Dyslexia. A brain-based type of learning disability, Dyslexia specifically impairs a person’s ability to read, despite normal intelligence. Visitor-Friendly Elizabeth Wilkinson, who is dyslexic herself and autistic, set

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Free workshop: Innovative Ways to Grow your Business
November 2, 2014 News, Small Business Advice, Tips and Tricks Sid Edwards

Had a Eureka! moment? The social media revolution has changed the business landscape forever. Businesses can achieve global reach and recognition thanks to the power of social media. This event will commence with Phil Oakley who will highlight how SMEs can take advantage of social media to stimulate innovation, collaborate and win new business. Where and

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Acorn today Oak tree tomorrow – Starting business from home
August 18, 2014 News Sid Edwards

Starting business from home just got easier I welcome the recent initiatives announced by the government designed to help small businesses.  They help TUZONGO Web Design in its work to provide services that enable people starting up from home to become the big companies and brand leaders of the future. This post highlights the measures being introduced

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100 days of Introductory Prices
June 20, 2014 News Sid Edwards

Order before July 6th 2014! On Sunday, July 6th I will have been trading for exactly 100 days.  During this time I am offering a special one-off deal on all projects I start. Find out how you can get an incredible 75% reduction on the price of all Web Design and Graphic Design from TUZONGO Web Design. Want you

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Get your slice of the Online Spending Cake
May 27, 2014 News Sid Edwards

Record levels of online spending in 2013 UK consumers continue to demonstrate confidence in buying online according to research.  The big cake is here and it’s time to get your share.  This post reveals findings in this year’s IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index and identifies what small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) need to do to get a

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Getting Good2Great
May 13, 2014 News Sid Edwards

I visited the Hadley Park House Hotel this morning for a Business Growth Seminar run by GOOD2GREAT.  Along with over 30 other attendees, we received very useful presentation delivered by Johnny Themans. Focussed on helping businesses to realise their dreams I picked up a number of tips and insights.  Like most of the audience we found ourselves nodding in

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Social Media and Innovation
May 1, 2014 News Sid Edwards

Here with Lesley Morgan, Lajina Leal, Lisa Pickering, Marina and 20 others learning the latest from Philip Oakley. Were on Stafford Park at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.

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Event: Get to grips with Social Media
April 29, 2014 News Sid Edwards

The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce  invites small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to join them at this exciting event to find out how to benefit from the countless opportunities offered by social media. Phil Oakley, Managing Director of Outserve Limited, will give a presentation highlighting how SMEs can take advantage of social media to stimulate innovation, collaborate

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Find out how the top 4% of business owners achieve their dreams
April 21, 2014 News Sid Edwards

Taking place on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 from 8:00 to 10:00 am GOOD2GREAT are offering the chance to attend a FREE business seminar in Telford where you will: Learn and develop 5 essential steps to grow your business and be able to implement them immediately Work out exactly what you need to do in your business to become

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