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Acorn today Oak tree tomorrow – Starting business from home


Starting business from home just got easier

I welcome the recent initiatives announced by the government designed to help small businesses.  They help TUZONGO Web Design in its work to provide services that enable people starting up from home to become the big companies and brand leaders of the future. This post highlights the measures being introduced and what you need to do to help us build the ideal website to make your little Acorn grow into a great Oak tree.

Changes to legislation

The changes in British law are aimed at making life easier for people running their business from home.

  • The law will be changed so that landlords can be assured that agreeing to this will not undermine their residential tenancy agreement. A new model tenancy agreement will also be made available
  • Updated planning guidance will make it clear that planning permission should not normally be needed to run a business from your home
  • New guidance will be issued to clarify that in the majority of circumstances, home based businesses do not need to pay business rates

This is good news for TUZONGO Web Design where we focus on helping small businesses on tight budgets compete with larger companies.  Together, these measures relieve some of the potential stresses that can make things more difficult as you start your business.  They allow you to concentrate on gathering information and gaining knowledge essential to grow your business and for us to build the right website for you.

Help us to help you

For us to do the best job for you we need to be able to use information about your business in the design and development process.  This means you need to have a clear understanding of key aspects of your business.  Working with you, we will give your business the best chance of achieving growth.

 Know who your customers are

We need to know who to have in mind when designing your site.  It is crucial that we craft your website’s design, content, and experience to suit your customers.

Know what your competitors are doing

We can learn a lot from how your competitors go about operating online.  This is more than copying, rather, it is understanding why they do what they do.  With this insight, we can determine whether you can benefit by employing similar strategies.

Know what sets you apart from your competitors

In a crowded market place, it is important to promote what it is that makes you stand out.  We need to be able to communicate the advantages customers enjoy by using your service or purchasing your product.

Know where you’re going

Knowing what success looks like is essential in developing strategies for growth.  We need to know how your website can support what you aim to achieve.

A ‘Good time’ to start your business

With the removal of potential obstacles to you running your business from home and my willingness to use my skills and experience to help you build an effective online business tool, its a great time to get started.  Lets do this.

Sid Edwards

Sid Edwards Web Designer

Sid is Proprietor of with an interest in helping small and medium-sized enterprises compete with large companies. He has many years experience using coding skills with standard frameworks to create unique award winning websites. You can follow Sid on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn or Like on Facebook.
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