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Category: Projects

Events With Funky Filter
April 16, 2020 Projects Sid Edwards

My client sets up a stall at markets throughout Shropshire and the West Midlands. On sale are various items of jewellery and trinkets. Many of these items have proved popular and customers often seek to make further purchases. Not all markets happen at regular, predictable times and my client didn’t always attend. So, there was

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Mock up College Materials
March 22, 2020 Projects Sid Edwards

Mockups are a perfect opportunity to see how design decisions play together. What if the color scheme does not work with your shapes? Mockup is the way you can have a look at the final product even before the development starts. It is easier to make changes at the mockup stage rather than later. Your

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Web Design Promotional Video
June 9, 2019 Projects Sid Edwards

The task was to provide information on what goes into creating a website. Describing the process from start to finish. Every website is unique and this animated video sets out the stages we go through to ensure the specific needs of our clients are met.

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Branding a brand new Band
October 29, 2016 Projects Sid Edwards

The band’s name, The PathHeights, derives from the word Ptahites, meaning spiritual, creative beings conveying a collective conscious message. They were a people referred to variously in ancient texts. Based in Germany, with strong links to Jamaica and the United States, the band draws on the Reggae tradition and infuses a modern acoustic sound. These

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Project: Fiona Cowell Designs
January 31, 2015 Projects Sid Edwards

Fiona Cowell creates versatile and eclectic patterns for the home and giftware market. Coordinated collections of on trend colourful designs with an organic quality in contemporary and traditional styles. This project for the Shropshire based designer at enables contact for commissions, to licence designs and keep up-to-date as her gallery of work grows. Requirements

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Project: The DDC (Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant)
October 23, 2014 Projects Sid Edwards

The DDC (Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant) provides businesses, educational institutes and other organisations information to help them improve the way they serve and employ people with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD’s) such as Dyslexia. This project upgrades an existing website providing a modern, responsive design which incorporates techniques, audio, a font and colour scheme aimed at making the

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Project: Lovella Ellis Music Website
October 23, 2014 Projects Sid Edwards

Lovella Ellis, one of this generations most promising talents and daughter of the Legendary Alton Ellis is a singer and songwriter based in London UK. This project creates a focal point for Lovella Ellis’ growing number of fans from all over the world to access here latest music, videos and information about her live performances. We

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Project: Doniki Music
May 4, 2014 Projects Sid Edwards

Doniki is a Jamaican reggae artist / producer with many successful years in the business behind him.  This project will present the best of his work and provide a background to the man. Video and audio material will be featured as well as details of events he will be performing at.   As his popularity grows this

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Project: Masala Magic Pt 1 – The Packaging
February 20, 2014 Projects Sid Edwards

This project is the graphic redesign of packaging materials including stickers for the top and side of the pots, business card and leaflet. Masala Magic is a new business based in Telford and started by Lajina. She produces a unique blend of spices in small pots that make a perfect curry sauce just by adding

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Project: My Family Solicitor
January 14, 2014 Projects Sid Edwards

Lisa, who provides the services of My Family Solicitor, wanted a site that was as professional as her competitors while having a personal feel. She wanted an integrated blog and (among other things) a page specific contact form. The BBCode based CMS means she has control over the content and can independently make changes to

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